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Clinically proven, bioactive, and bioavailable. SKINMUNE SIPS are delicious liquid packets you can immediately rip and sip, or mix with your preferred beverage or food. Powerful ingredients benefit every layer of your skin, boost your immunity, and help protect you against sun damage.

We took the best ingredients and put them in one serving. SKINMUNE SIPS is the best thing you can drink for your skin.

Commit daily and start seeing results in 3 to 4 weeks.*


8,000 mg Hydrolyzed Marine Collagen Peptide, 80 mg Hyaluronic Acid, 6 mg Ceramide (Brown Rice), 2 mg Astaxanthin (Red Algae), 150 mg Vitamin C, 60 mg Monk Fruit

How to store?

Avoid direct sunlight. Try storing in the fridge  if you prefer your drinks chilled.


How to consume?

Drink directly or mix in your favorite drink. 


When to take?

Take it anywhere, anytime, once a day for the best results.



Collagen, ceramides and hyaluronic acid strengthens both the epidermis and dermis of your skin barrier. Boost hydration, plumpness, and combats signs of aging including fine lines and wrinkles. Astaxanthin further protects skin and eyes against UV damage.*


Collagen and hyaluronic acid, along with vitamin C promotes healthy structure for skin, hair, nails and joints. This means stronger nails, more hair growth, and less joint main.*


Astaxanthin and vitamin C are powerful antioxidants that remove free radicals and reduce inflammation. Together they support immunity, anti-aging and long-term health. When it comes to removing free radicals, astaxanthin is 800 times and 560 times more effective than CoQ10 and EGCG, respectively.*


The formula contains expert recommended dosages of five essential ingredients for healthier skin and immunity, and when combined these ingredients are clinically proven to deliver better results.*



Strengthen skin barrier, improves elasticity, and reduces the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. Essential in supporting skin barrier integrity and dermal cellular metabolism.*


Reverses skin and cell damage. Extremely powerful antioxidants known as “king of carotenoids” and “internal sun cream”.*


Significantly improves skin moisture, texture, and elasticity. Found in the top layer of skin, ceramide works to repair the skin barrier and reduce hydration loss.*


Increases skin moisture, elasticity, and softness. Helps improve symptoms of aging skin and speeds up wound healing.*


A popular antioxidant that supports immunity as well as better collagen synthesis.*


Used for centuries in Eastern medicine as a cold and digestive aid, Monk fruit also comes with antioxidant properties.*


$80.00 $76.00


  • Tell me about your formula.

    Learn about our approach, why we developed this unique liquid formula and ingredients here.*

  • When can I expect to see results?

    Expect to see improved skin in 4 weeks or less. Ingested collagen usually takes about 3 to 4 weeks to show results, but with Hyaluronic Acid and Vitamin C some people can see visual improvements even earlier than that.*

  • How to use?

    We formulated SKINMUNE SIPS to be super easy and flexible to consume. Rip and drink directly from the packet, or pour into your favorite mixture (hot or cold). We’ve had people use the liquid as flavoring for their smoothies and even ice cream, the possibilities are endless.*

  • Why is it red?

    We will never use colors or artificial ingredients. The red color you see comes from Astaxanthin, which is derived from Red Algae.*

  • How many should I drink?

    We recommend one a day, up to two a day for that extra glow.*

  • Do I drink directly?

    All our packets are sanitized with heat treatment! Feel free to sip directly.*

  • Why marine collagen?

    Not only is marine collagen more sustainable sourced (from fish skin to reduce food waste) than bovine and pig, it also tastes better and clinically proven to be most effective of the three.*

    Quick facts:
    - Marine collagen contains more glycine than bovine
    - Marine collagen has molecular weight of 3,000 daltons vs. bovine's 5,000 daltons. This means marine collagen has way smaller particles and thus better bioavailability
    - Marine collagen is seven times easier to break down compared to pig collagen*

  • Is your marine collagen free of heavy metal and mercury?

    Absolutely! The marine collagen we source is carefully tested for various physical, chemical and microbiological undesirables. These include heavy metals, arsenic, lead, cadmium, mercury, chromium, copper, zinc, E. coli, yeast and salmonella. Check out the full report here.

Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews
Jennifer L.
Noticed results in month 1!

I tried this product for a month and then did not repurchase - I regret that decision! Within the first 2 weeks of using these sips, I noticed a decline in my hormonal acne. And my mom did too. She complimented my skin, not knowing I was trying out a new skin regimen. One month later, with no sips... the hormonal acne is back.

The taste is yummy (a little sweet, though easy to water down) and easy to transport. It was my daily post-lunch treat. I highly recommend!

Michael Heap
So good and easy to take!

I love this product. I store it in the fridge and take it in the morning or after my workout. They taste really good and the best part is how easy it is to take. I feel like my skin has gotten so much better and my joints feel so much better since taking this regularly. 10/10 recommend

Christina Lin
New staple in my beauty routine!

I generally like to think of myself as somebody who's into skincare and am consistent with lathering on toners, serums, and creams during my morning and nighttime routines. While I thought I've got my set of go-to products, I'm so happy I gave Gest a try because it's now something I can't live without. The packets are tasty, quick to drink, and super convenient to take on the go. I typically have dry skin, and since I started Gest, my skin has felt more elastic and moisturized. Gest is unlike any other skin care product because it doesn't just target the surface you apply it to. Since I've started drinking Gest, I've noticed a difference in not just my face, but other parts of my body too. My nails are growing much more quickly and I'm seeing new hair growth along my hair line!

I'm such a fan and have been buying extra to give to family and friends to try!

Emily Lautoa
Amazing product!

These stand out so much from my other skincare products because taking them doesn't feel like part of a mundane routine. Cute, easy to drink and delicious! I take them in the morning and they are such a treat that I look forward to them everyday. Plus they make a huge difference! My skin is glowing more and my complexion is evening out. I also see a difference with my nails in how fast they grow and how strong they are. Definitely recommend if you're looking for a product that not only works but also adds a fun twist to your self care routine!

Mio Larasati

Tastes amazing taken by itself or mixed with coconut water! I'm a big fan!