frequently asked questions

Learn about our approach, why we developed this unique liquid formula and ingredients here.*

Expect to see improved skin in 4 weeks or less. Ingested collagen usually takes about 3 to 4 weeks to show results, but with Hyaluronic Acid and Vitamin C some people can see visual improvements even earlier than that.*

We formulated SKINMUNE SIPS to be super easy and flexible to consume. Rip and drink directly from the packet, or pour into your favorite mixture (hot or cold). We’ve had people use the liquid as flavoring for their smoothies and even ice cream, the possibilities are endless.*

We will never use colors or artificial ingredients. The red color you see comes from Astaxanthin, which is derived from Red Algae.*

We recommend one a day, up to two a day for that extra glow.*

All our packets are sanitized with heat treatment! Feel free to sip directly.*

Not only is marine collagen more sustainable sourced (from fish skin to reduce food waste) than bovine and pig, it also tastes better and clinically proven to be most effective of the three.*

Quick facts:
- Marine collagen contains more glycine than bovine
- Marine collagen has molecular weight of 3,000 daltons vs. bovine's 5,000 daltons. This means marine collagen has way smaller particles and thus better bioavailability
- Marine collagen is seven times easier to break down compared to pig collagen*

Absolutely! The marine collagen we source is carefully tested for various physical, chemical and microbiological undesirables. These include heavy metals, arsenic, lead, cadmium, mercury, chromium, copper, zinc, E. coli, yeast and salmonella. Check out the full report here.